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May 9th, 2013 (08:24 am)

Soon enough.

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February 4th, 2013 (11:05 am)

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Title: Phillies
Rating: All Ages
Characters: The whole team in an AU 1942.
Pairing: hints of Clint/Natasha
Summary: In an all-night dinner, a bond is formed among six individuals.

Author’s Notes: I am taking a creative writing class and our first story had to be based on one of five paintings. I chose Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. I last visited the museum in which it hangs last summer. This time, when I looked at it, all I could see was Clint and Natasha sitting at the end of the counter. This gave me the opportunity to expand on that idea. The version I turned in had all the names changed. And I want to thank the lovely veritas724 for her quick beta work and general encouragement. To her I say, HUSKS!

PhilliesCollapse )

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A Break in the Proceedings

June 14th, 2012 (11:47 pm)

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Taking a quick break from reading about supply chain management (jealous?) to make this post.

One good thing of the three classes I'm taking right now: after being 1/3 of the way through my online certification class, I have a perfect score. Don't expect this to stand but woo hoo for now!

Right then, I have six total chapters to read this week and I'm only the first one. I'd like to have that done before I got bed and have around 10 pages left. And I have all my initial discussion board posting done. The excitement of my life is so overwhelming sometimes.

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March 14th, 2012 (09:18 pm)
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First, I'm going to see The Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys on Friday night!

Anyways, the purpose of this post: SPUFFY FEELS!!!! Spoilers for Issue #7 of the Season 9 comicsCollapse )

Still looking for Buffy-Spuffy icons!

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My A-Getting Community Paper!

February 26th, 2012 (10:17 pm)

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nvrbnkisst asked me to post my proposal on Community.

Well, I'm proud to say, it got an A! Ninety-six percent to be exact! (I also got an A for the entire class! \o/) So, here it is under a cut without the title or reference pages and without the formatting. Enjoy!

Six Seasons and Movie! Bringing Back and Keeping NBC's CommunityCollapse )

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True Story

June 21st, 2011 (01:58 pm)

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I will eventually do a full write-up of my fantastic trip to Chicago and have already posted a couple of pictures at my Tumblr (FOLLOW ME!!! also, what's up with it today?). But until then, a fun little anecdote from Friday night...

Joel asked the crowd of we watched Community and a cheer went up. The guy right behind me epically called out, "I'M STREETS AHEAD!"

I never even saw him but he is now my friend forever for that.

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My Kind of Town...

June 9th, 2011 (02:35 pm)
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So I officially have tickets to all the shows I'm going to next week! Oh, what am I going to next week you so kindly ask? The Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Chicago!

Not going for the whole thing but the three shows I'm going to, I'm quite excited about.
Friday night: Pit seats, Chicago Theater, Joel McHale!
(And I'm hoping that his co-star from Chicago and some other friends may stop by though I have no evidence of this happening.)
Saturday night: General Admission, The Vic Theater, Seth Meyers!
Sunday night: Row 1, Mezzanine Box Q, Chicago Theater, Steve Martin and Martin Short!
These were the most expensive tickets but I figured this is a one-time only thing with two legends so you make sacrifices, you know?)

I'm going with my mom. I've bought all the above tickets, she's paying for the hotel. We're going Thursday night (if I was more cash-heavy and didn't have to work, I'd look into Demitri Martin tickets for that night but I'm not as enthused on that one) so we'll be there. During the day, we're going to museum hop. We're getting the City Pass as it has everything we want to do. Friday we're thinking Field and Aquarium (as we both know it won't take us long in either). Saturday, my second favorite museum, Art Institute, which I can spend hours and hours in. And Sunday, Science and Industry.

It's been two years since I've been to the city proper for a visit (drove through last year on my way to Convention). Would anyone be interested in me posting about my adventures on my Twitter or me actually using my Tumblr to post random pictures from the week? If not, I won't bother and just wrap it up here.

Can't wait! Will have to take my books with me as class still goes on regardless of my vacation plans.

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Meme of Shipping

May 24th, 2011 (08:22 pm)

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'cause everyone else is doing it and I haven't done in meme in AGES

Comment with any ship (romantic or platonic or maybe even non-existent!) from a fandom that you know I have some knowledge about, and I will rant about aforementioned ship. This may be incoherent gushing or exclamations of disgust, depending on your ship of choice.

Things what I watch/know about: Doctor Who, Community, Robin Hood, True Blood, Glee, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Game of Thrones (though I still don't know all the characters fully yet), The Borgias, How I Met Your Mother, Mike & Molly, Cougar Town, 30 Rock, SNL, Green Wing, Ashes to Ashes, Being Human, Lost in Translation, Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, Lost, Buffy, Harry Potter, and other stuff that I can't think of at the moment, but really isn't that enough?

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February 2nd, 2011 (03:19 pm)

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That's right, my school that never closes, closed for today at 7:22 PM last night. I know this because I was on the phone with my mother when the text alert came through my phone, whilst I was making dinner (spaghetti with ground turkey in the sauce, nothing fancy). I proceeded to do a little dance in front of my stove.

So far today, I've slept in and had lunch. Nothing else of note. I will later clean up the house, do laundry and work on homework for the classes I'm taking.

On that last note, I took my first test of the semester on Sunday night (after Downton Abbey, which, how much do we love it?). I missed one, which got me a 98%!!! I thought then I deserved some sort of treat for that accomplishment. I'll take the snow day. If anyone else wishes to reward me with a little something, I won't be opposed!

I had to submit "a plan" for getting my Bachelor's to my boss, which meant I had to plan out what classes I was taking when. If I plow through, thanks to Trine's accelerated learning thing, I can be done by December of next year. And all my classes will be on line. Not really looking forward to any of my degree classes, but can't wait to take my gen ed classes. I'm going to be rounding it all out with psychology, art and literature classes. The only class I wanted to take isn't offered on line or at the campus near me, so no film appreciation.

I've taken photos of the progress of the snow if anyone is interested in them. For now, I shall go back to considering doing something productive.

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A Post of Self-Importance

January 19th, 2011 (03:28 pm)

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So, the new season of Secret Diary has it's first air-date and synopsis (found here).

A bit of rant, if you don't mind, involving the spoilers aboveCollapse )

I patiently await my royalties to be paid.

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